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Why UEA?


Established in 1960, Universal Electronic Alarms has been the premier alarm and security specialist in North L.A. County for over 50 years. Our technicians have a combined 150 years’ experience in alarm, video and fire control technology. Our field service employees are sent to continuing education seminars. Universal Electronic Alarms has the largest alarm, fire and video equipment warehouse in the North County region. Universal Electronic Alarms has been the leader in CCTV, access control, security and fire systems for over 30 years. We install fire, security and video systems for many federal and state government agencies, including all branches of the US military.


Originally located on Ave I, Universal Electronic Alarms expanded in 1998 to its present day 10,000 square foot headquarters on a ½ acre site in central Lancaster. With over $600,000 in annual payroll, we provide full time employment income for ten Antelope Valley families. By 1995 Universal Electronic Alarms had expanded to service over 1000 accounts and 10 federal and local government agencies. While expanding our product base and enlarging our facility, Universal Electronic Alarms has also paid off all of our properties, buildings, trucks, and equipment. We are mortgage and debt free. With $500,000 in available funds and over 3.5 million dollars in assets, we have never borrowed money to commence, continue or complete a project.


What do the US Navy, the US Air force, the Marines, Lockheed Skunk Works, Northrop and the Naval weapons center have in common? They all use alarm systems designed and maintained by Universal Electronic Alarms!We defend and protect the factories and military bases that defend our country. We install and design specific protection and surveillance systems for top secret defense contractors and armed forces. There is no better qualification than our client list. We protect that people that protect you.
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