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  • Fire Safety Requirements

    Fire Safety Requirements

    NICET: The new standard of excellence

    After 50 years in the fire alarm industry Universal Electronic Alarms has kept abreast of new technology and the increased ability of our enemies to infiltrate and defeat security and fire systems. Fire alarms are usually the first indicator of a catastrophic event.  As a result our technicians must be the best and highest certified personnel available. The National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) has become the new standard of the industry. This having been said, many fire alarm companies in the Untied States today do not have NICET certification. Today’s support for NICET among the fire protection industry is increasing as professional awareness grows concerning rudimentary problems and failings in previous fire installations. Many of the companies with NICET certified technicians have provided expertise in developing the existing program. This benefits both the industry and the individual companies by expanding training parameters in the continually evolving field of fire alarm technology. The existing NICET testing program has proven difficult to pass the first or in many cases even the second test examination. The typical process to achieve NICET level I involves up to six months of intensive study just from registration throughout the actual test taking. Level II usually takes two or three times to pass. In many cases this involves two years from start to finish to obtain level II certification. Due to the fact that the testing cycle is regionally issued on an annual basis scheduling is paramount and difficult for busy fire alarm companies. It is not surprising that even though 20,000 NICET certificates have been issued, it is not an easy test to pass. We can only estimate that the number of technicians that have failed to pass the NICET test is astronomical There are basically four levels of NICET certification. Level I requires a minimum amount of field experience in actual installation. Level II requires six to eighteen months active and continual experience with verification required to achieve certification. Level III significantly raises the bar requiring at least five years verifiable installation and employment criteria. Level IV involves ten years active and continuous status with the additional requirement of having supervised a major project Universal Electronic Alarms in proud to have NICET level IV certified staff. Providing industry and our national defense the highest level of certification available with the best trained technicians in the industry.

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    Underwriters Laboratories Incorporated (UL) was founded in 1894, by William Henry Merrill. As a 25 year old electrical engineer, Merrill saw the necessity for certification and testing in his professional field. Underwriters Laboratories has developed a benchmark of standards for alarm equipment and test procedures to comply with an elite safety criteria. The primary function of UL is to uncover hazards. Specifically those hazards that lead to fire and/or electric shock. UL established the “UL” labeling service for products and equipment that are deemed suitable for UL standards and inspections. UL inspectors perform factory inspections on labeled products at manufactures facilities. This is a practice that remains the trademark of UL’s testing and certification program till this day ( UL Fire testing is conducted on both active fire protection and passive fire protection items that endure different test methods and scales. Techniques vary from full scale, to small scale, to bench scale test. There are test on systems (electronic and hydraulic) and there are also test on materials to ensure components comply with code so that they may be used within an alarm system. Universal Electronic Alarms works together with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) by providing UL approved testing with a UL representative present who can further supply a UL certificate to the location Universal Electronic Alarms is a UL listed alarm contractor that installs UL approved devices as required in government businesses and Department of Defense (DOD) installations. Universal Electronic Alarms is exceptionally qualified to perform UL alarm testing, monitoring, installation and maintenance. Universal Electronic Alarms also works together with Underwriters Laboratories to schedule an independent UL representative to come to the location and ensure acceptable UL installation and safety standards. Universal Electronic Alarms is currently UL listed for fire alarms as well as defense industrial security alarms. As a premiere fire and security alarm contractor Universal Electronic Alarms’ involvement with UL is a fundamental step in the life safety industry. Universal Electronic Alarms has been UL certified for 20 years allowing them to provide service and UL installations on a superior level. No other alarm contractor has the amount of experience, expertise and education that Universal Electronic Alarms possesses in UL certification.


    Unified Facilities Criteria

    Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) is the standard for Department of Defense (DOD) installations. Since 2002 the United States Army Core of Engineers, Naval Facilities Engineering Command and the Office of the Air Force Civil Engineer are responsible for administration of the UFC system. By establishing the UFC the DOD unifies all design and construction technical criteria. This move enhances the departments’ ability to develop and maintain technical criteria that are current with technological advances and industry standards. “Under this consolidation the military departments expect to convert most of the existing facility-related handbooks, design manuals, engineering manuals, and technical manuals into UFC documents. The conversion also will utilize non-government standards to the greatest extent possible” The target of the United Facilities Criteria (UFC) program is to streamline the military criteria system by reducing duplication of information, increasing confidence in private-sector standards, and producing more efficient criteria development. Both technical publications and guideline specifications are part of the UFC program. Previously, each service had its own publishing arrangement resulting in criteria being dispersed into different formats. UFC documents in contrast, have a uniform format and are identified by a number (such as UFC 1-300-1) The incorporation of all DOD criteria is the ultimate goal, some documents may not have been fully revised to reflect all service requirements before being issued into UFC format. In these occurrences the UFC document number will be followed by an alpha-designator (such as UFC 1-300-09N). Alpha-designators are as follows: A  USACE F  Air Force N  Navy S  NASA Universal Electronic Alarms is a pioneer is executing new UFC standards. For this reason, Universal Electronic Alarms is heavily involved with UFC development in many military and DOD facilities in California. Current projects include, Naval Weapons Center Pt. Hueneme, USMC Fort Irwin, Edwards Air Force Base and Naval Weapons Center China Lake, CA. Universal Electronic Alarms’ extensive cooperation with the military makes them the leader in UFC compliance for the coming years on into the next century.

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  • Security / Intrusion

    Security / Intrusion

    Specializing in commercial and government intrusion detection systems, Universal Electronic Alarms has been the leader for over 50 years. Universal Electronic Alarms is a UL listed CRZH UL 2050 national industrial security systems installation and service provider. With factory trained technicians you are assured of receiving the highest quality installation and service with a wide range of leading edge technology. When protecting your employees, inventory, and securing against industrial technology theft, Universal Electronic Alarms has the solution.

  • Access Control

    Access Control

    Universal Electronic Alarms has been a leader in the field of access control for business and government access control installations since 1982. Universal Electronic Alarms has a wide range of products that extend from a single door access control system to integrated systems capable of managing thousands of doors from worldwide locations. As a leader in access control Universal Electronic Alarms innovative and flexible product lines will meet the demanding needs of our customers both today and in the future.

  • Video / CCTV

    Video / CCTV

    With over 40 years’ experience in the CCTV design, installation and service industry Universal Electronic Alarms is uniquely qualified to provide you with the support you need for all your CCTV projects. Universal Electronic Alarms provides video camera recording, installation services and design. Utilizing the latest in technology such as IP cameras and network DVR’s.

  • Monitoring


    With over 50 years’ experience in the alarm monitoring field (both on site and remote) Universal Electronic Alarms is now providing UL listed, FM approved, 3rd party monitoring incorporating two redundant central stations. In addition to remote monitoring our trained professional office staff reviews all activity/responses and is there for all your service needs. With Universal Electronic Alarms you are not alone. Service after the sale is our most important relationship with our satisfied customers.

  • Mass Notification

    Mass Notification

    Mass Notification is the new standard in total security integration. As the premiere alarm installation and security provider for several US defense contractors, Universal Electronic Alarms is the leader in Mass Notification Systems (MNS). From natural disasters to terrorist threats there has been a heightened demand for Mass Notification Systems. Universal Electronic Alarms provides clear recognizable voice messages that illustrate correct response in any emergency. Terrorist threats whether domestic or foreign require federal government and defense industries comply with regulatory codes for Mass Notification and emergency communication systems (ECS). For these systems to be effective, voice intelligibility requirements must be standardized. Both American and international fire alarm codes require voice evacuation systems meet specified levels of minimum speech intelligibility. Mass Notification is defined as a comprehensive solution that leverages a cutting edge communications technology to not only warn people of danger, but keep them informed and guide them to safety The definition further states that Mass Notification requires a top level, facility wide, multi-threat emergency communications platform. This evolution has involved the attention of regulators and as the field develops new listings and standards will play a defining role. In the 1996 terrorist attack at the USAF housing complex in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, 19 US service men were killed and hundreds wounded. At this juncture Secretary of Defense William Cohen issued a comprehensive report on the attack which concluded that there was no effective notification system with which to warn personal. In fact, at this time the recommend procedure for sounding an alarm consisted of having personnel go door to door through an eight-story dormitory, knocking on doors and alerting residence of danger. The inherent fallibility of this outdated approach prompted the US military to develop Mass Notification standards. In addition, in 2002 the Department of Defense (DOD) created the Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) 4-010-01 minimum antiterrorism standards for buildings. Two years later the DOD published the UFC 04-021-01 Design O&M. At this point Mass Notification Systems requiring the installation of intelligible voice notification systems in and around new inhabited buildings became a requirement Universal Electronic Alarms continues to be the industry leader and sets the bar for excellence in Mass Notification installations and service. For more information on Mass Notification Solutions • Notifier Mass Notification Solutions Video ISC 2010 Convention Video  Cooper Notification Video Cooper Notification Website

  • Inspection Testing

    Inspection Testing

    As with any system, inspection and testing are key components of assuring functionality. Being experts in installation, repair and testing Universal Electronic Alarms assures you, your customers and your employees of the protection that you deserve and expect. From full building inspection and testing to individual elevator inspection and testing, Universal Electronic Alarms is there to provide you with quality inspection and testing performed by fire life safety certified technicians.

    Intelligibility Testing

    Intelligibility the new protocol in alarm design. Current technology common to most fire alarm and emergency communication systems (ECS) includes the ability to broadcast voice commands directly to entire building occupants utilizing voice instruction. This can be done using either pre-recorded messages or microphone public address via the incident commander. Voice communication is intended to supplement audible fire alarm tones, strobes or sirens to alert personnel to evacuate the building Audibility and intelligibility are separate distinct characteristics of sound that are both important. However in most areas audibility is most important where as intelligibility is more of a confined measurement. The question of where and when to implement intelligibility testing has proven to be the most significant issue on this subject. Where and when has to do with intelligibility within spatial (where) and temporal (when) sense parameters. Intelligibility is a measurable aspect of electronic voice transmission systems that specifies the scale in which human listeners will be able to understand the voice messages broadcasted through them. In other words, it is a measure of how well the human ear can comprehend electronic voice. The development of a repeatable test protocol that provides a practical and useful method to measuring a systems intelligibility performance has been achieved. The era of intelligibility has arrived. This test protocol demonstrates that intelligibility can be foreseen in a practical manner Universal Electronic Alarms and the fire alarm industry traditionally have a different design focus than typical acoustic systems designers (for example: public address or music performance systems). The advent of a new test protocol requires a transformation of the industry to a higher quality in terms of how these systems are designed. The testing for Intelligibility includes clarifying detail with additional criteria involving: A. Calibration setup B. Where and when intelligibility testing should be performed Universal Electronic Alarms is the industry leader in intelligibility testing and looks forward to expanding and redefining this new technology.

  • Noise Masking

    Noise Masking

    When privacy is of the up most importance, you can depend on Universal Electronic Alarms to provide you with discrete noise masking systems for all applications.

  • Design


    With the latest in computer aided drafting programs and NICET level IV supervision Universal Electronic Alarms can provide design services from a single building system to multi building campus type environments. Universal Electronic Alarms is a leader in code compliant systems for both industry and military locations.

  • Drawings


    Whether it be for a new system, or as- built drawings for an existing system, our computer aided draftsman can create detailed drawings for systems of all types.

  • Service / Repair

    Service / Repair

    Universal Electronic Alarms provides exceptional service for monitored and non- monitored systems. Troubleshooting existing systems and making repairs can be carried out quickly and easily by our specially trained technicians. You can always count on getting a Universal Electronic Alarms technician to your location in a reasonable amount of time. With a steady office staff, you will always talk to the same person about service calls during office hours. This service combined with our trusted technicians you can request the same technician that you may have already developed a technical relationship with. Universal Electronic Alarms specializes in choosing specific technicians to service your systems specific needs.