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Home Security

Home Security

50 Years of Experience

Universal Electronic Alarms specializes in CUSTOM residential security systems. Have your home security system monitored by Universal Electronic Alarms with over 50 years of experience in the alarm monitoring field. In addition to monitoring Universal Electronic Alarms trained professional office staff reviews all activity and responses. With Universal Electronic Alarms you are not alone.

Top Rated Customer Service

Service after the sale is our most important relationship with our satisfied customers. Troubleshooting and making repairs can be carried out quickly and easily by our specially trained technicians. You can always count on getting a Universal Electronic Alarms technician to your location in a reasonable amount of time. With a steady office staff, you will always talk to the same person about service calls during office hours. This service combined with our trusted technicians you can request the same technician that you may have already developed a technical relationship with.

Integrate Existing Home Systems

Universal Electronic Alarms can reprogram existing customer owned systems and does not lease to residential customers.